Sunday, January 13, 2008

NFL Draft - Jon Beason

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NFL  Draft  Jon  Beason  


NFL Draft - Jon Beason


QCstunna ::: Favorites  2008-01-13 04:23:28

Mr. Concussion needs to call it a career. The Panthers fucked up by letting Witherspoon go, Beason will be just as good as Morgan w/o all the injuries
bignat ::: Favorites  2008-01-08 00:15:50

your also correct morgan will be gone like keary colbert foster cant fucking get into the endzone so he needs to go the honeymoon with jake delhomme is over we need to draft a franchise quarterback this year and we pick 13th in the 2008 nfl draft
jschizzelthemagician ::: Favorites  2008-01-06 21:41:03

that is exactly what i think. foster is the worst back in the nfl 8 fumbles and 3.6 yards a carry. williams is averaging 5 yards a carry with one fumble.
kewnkowntor ::: Favorites  2008-01-03 21:15:10

yeah but the team needs leadership with morgan and foster and williams are a pretty good 1 2 punch they should just use williams more he is the next barry sanders
bignat ::: Favorites  2007-12-20 13:46:11

dan morgan is mr.concussion i say trade him and deshaun foster for some draft picks this year
weRallwitnesses23 ::: Favorites  2007-12-12 17:25:42

im not forgettin about morgan, he was one of my favorite players, still is, love his energy and beastliness, but atleast we have a guy who looks like he could be just as good, if not better
automaton5 ::: Favorites  2007-12-05 15:12:43

Morgan has given us some great moments but he's just not durable enough. Our linebacking corp hasn't missed a beat with Beason in there and he's only gonna get better. He can cover and he hits like a freight train. Knowing our coaching staff and their history of questionable decisions (Keary Colbert still starting, etc.) though, they'll probably screw up Beason's development and plug Morgan back in next season.
scott8958 ::: Favorites  2007-11-30 06:37:08

i hate fans that forget so quick about d morgan.
Hurricane4ever ::: Favorites  2007-11-27 19:55:30

keyvick19 ::: Favorites  2007-11-13 20:38:34

Dan who? Dan Morgan, thats who..he also went to THA U! he was a great Linebacker..but got way to many hard hits to tha head after layin people out
godsmackman7 ::: Favorites  2007-10-26 18:58:04

his brother is my couch in football my couch runing speed is a 4.5 he runs so fast are team is bulldogs miami beach bulldogs where a little league team :)
weRallwitnesses23 ::: Favorites  2007-10-25 18:06:49

Look at him now, he is a stud in dat linebacker core, freeking beast...Maybe D-Rook of the year, future Pro Bowler, but definately a strate G...Dan Who???
GogetaSSJ10 ::: Favorites  2007-09-21 15:42:59

Repping that Chaminade Madonna scene
cantbeleive1t2 ::: Favorites  2007-08-15 19:30:23

i was kinda hoping we got greg olson.
brtrackbeast ::: Favorites  2007-08-10 17:31:42


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