Tuesday, January 29, 2008

MERCENARY - Firesoul

Duration: 05:56 minutes
Upload Time: 2006-08-25 06:49:32
User: CenturyMediaEurope
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MERCENARY - Firesoul


Metallica0wns77 ::: Favorites  2008-01-27 00:14:23

ya european metal is good but dude american metal is still good too. All that remains Lamb of God Shadows Fall Cannibal Corpse and older metal abnds from 80s Metallica Slayer Megadeth know ur metal before sayin crappy shiity american bands like linkinpark and disturbed tht suck shit Nu Metal is absoulutely pathetic.
chetzemiah ::: Favorites  2008-01-26 17:09:13

incredible beautiful!
maleitch ::: Favorites  2008-01-26 13:53:29

Wow, to be young and ignorant. Just because you don't find it on GuitarHero I guess it doesn't exist. Go listen to some Nevermore, the best American metal band to exist at the moment. Or try some Down, COC, or Mystic Prophecy. You need to get out more...
bewarethewolf ::: Favorites  2008-01-25 10:14:00

Haha! I hear ya!
zsrl04 ::: Favorites  2008-01-24 10:50:19

And THIS is the very reason why I envy Europeans. Always with the most SICKEST and Badass of Metal. All WE have is Disturbed and Linkin Park lol.

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