Friday, January 11, 2008

Let It Out

Duration: 03:20 minutes
Upload Time: 2007-08-29 19:13:58
User: RevolutionChick
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Submission #10 in PRUnited's ( ) Show: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Episodes: Through-out seasons MMPR:TM Zeo: A Golden Homecoming Summary: "You'll never understand the reason, until you look deep enough into the cut to see the emotional pain that put it there. It's then, and only then, we must release all that's inside of us." A show case of the pain and angst that went down in the three seasons of MMPR (because you know it wasn't as corny as your Green Ranger flip-head action figure) Music: Let It Out by Pillar Download this video in full quality -;8433690;/fileinfo.html Disclaimer: Power Rangers belongs solely to Saban/Disney. This video was made for entertainment purposes only and is in no way being endorsed for money. However, I have no control over who immorally takes it and does so themselves.


thedreamer1 ::: Favorites  2007-12-29 01:41:52

Great job!
macciv ::: Favorites  2007-11-12 20:06:42

THUMBS UP!!!! luv it!!!
hikariangel1994 ::: Favorites  2007-11-08 14:09:54

wow a wonderful job RC i could never find the patience to go through episodes, and put them together in a phenomanal sequence
Drks03 ::: Favorites  2007-10-16 20:17:59

Thanks for add the amazing last episodes of this fenomenal series on this video. That's really hard to see. Love it.
S1l3n709 ::: Favorites  2007-09-04 23:59:57

Awesome! Your vids are as awesome as ever! Keep up the good work
Supergal2007 ::: Favorites  2007-09-03 12:21:00

that was Awesome! I loved it
yahtzo ::: Favorites  2007-09-02 22:29:28

that was great
sailormooncoconut ::: Favorites  2007-08-31 22:46:41

UnforgivensAngel ::: Favorites  2007-08-31 19:22:57

-jumps up and down- AMAZING! Just a 3 minute reminder why I loved MMPR. And that is my favorite pillar song as well.
darkgirl846 ::: Favorites  2007-08-31 06:13:06

Tht was a amazing vid! the song is awesome! u worked hard i can tell, well done rc
darkdesigns ::: Favorites  2007-08-31 03:40:59

Amazing video... must watch it again :P But I don't know if I fully agree with you, RC. I think a lot of the script to the MMPR was pretty corny. What with all the characters yelling "I call upon the power of the dragonzord" and everything :P But I think we all still love it, regardless of how cheesy it can be at times ^_^
HarleyIvy ::: Favorites  2007-08-30 13:14:15

In a word: AMAZING! I know you had a hard time finding all the angst-ridden clips for this, but I think it was well worth the effort because this is in-fricking-credible! *applauds your dedication and completion of the challenge*
punctuationprecise ::: Favorites  2007-08-30 09:58:17

Woah! I can't think of anything else to say. That's just so totally awesome. Amazing work and definitely a brilliant ending to the challenge.
AngieKevinForever ::: Favorites  2007-08-30 09:44:58

Damn, that was HOT! :D
daniroyer ::: Favorites  2007-08-30 06:04:10


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