Sunday, January 13, 2008

bike jump into river

Duration: 01:25 minutes
Upload Time: 2007-06-21 15:51:50
User: LED6969
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shane films david, luke, eric jump of a ramp into the river while people watch


dontknow023 ::: Favorites  2007-07-12 03:33:10

u want a comment, next time build the jump so u actually get air, get more speed, and try a backflip or a 360 or something, also dont say owned at the end cause that was a fuckin weak jump
homedawg678 ::: Favorites  2007-07-06 23:07:46

got more air with a scooter, but imma try it wit a bike
LED6969 ::: Favorites  2007-07-01 22:35:23

headstrong by trapt not nickelback
timothyjongmans ::: Favorites  2007-06-30 14:56:26

your little jump is very gay, but the song is good :P what's it called? :D
LED6969 ::: Favorites  2007-06-26 22:56:26

please comment we want to know what all of you think of our videos!!!
megamidget0 ::: Favorites  2007-06-21 16:27:17

dang first comment

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