Saturday, January 12, 2008

Atari 5200 Commercial

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here's a commercial featuring the Angry Video Game Nerd's most hated atari console: the Atari 5200. although this system was the first console to include more than 2 controller ports, this system had it's share of issues such as controllers which had numeric keypads, not to mentioned that they [the controllers] easily broke, and the "mysterious back storage area" which is big enough for a beer bottle.


figment1988 ::: Favorites  2008-01-09 23:53:23

they were everywhere, until people realized it sucked because of the piece of shit controllers which were flimsy
Nukemoose1 ::: Favorites  2008-01-09 22:49:51

ralphwiggum14 ::: Favorites  2008-01-05 00:56:52

well that explains the lack of backwards compatability screwattack complained about
figment1988 ::: Favorites  2008-01-01 01:49:32

what's sad is the trackball controller's size which like the Angry Video Game Nerd said that it's equally huge as the system that the trackball control should be the system itself
kougerman22 ::: Favorites  2007-12-31 22:27:07

the things HUGE!
figment1988 ::: Favorites  2007-11-24 13:41:04

i forgot that they (as well as Colecovision) first came up with the numerical keypad control thingy
Bikerpropaganda ::: Favorites  2007-11-24 13:39:47

No, they looked at a Intellivision controller.
figment1988 ::: Favorites  2007-11-17 12:23:07

i agree on the controller, because for the most part, they were flimsy. and the second detail people didn't get was the numeric keypad (seriously, was someone at atari looking at a joystick and a telephone at the same time?)
batmancheesecake ::: Favorites  2007-11-17 09:15:32

good system but bad controller

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